The Fiendish Angletron Book Cover The Fiendish Angletron
Kjartan Poskitt
Angles (Geometry)
27th September 2017

Murderous Maths has been given a gorgeous new cover look! For readers traumatised by triangles and anxious about angles, the next in the unchallenged Murderous Maths series, the Fiendish Angletron unveils the tools to solve even the most testing of trigonomogeometric tasks. Here to help are some strangely familiar superheroes Supersin, Cosgirl and Tandog. Using a host of hilarious characters, Kjartan Poskitt presents all the tricks, tips and shortcuts to maths they don't teach at school.

Rating: 4

One thought on “Murderous Maths The Fiendish Angletron by Kjartan Poskitt

  1. This book will soon be flying out of the state!
    This is definitely a maths book – but written in a humorous way.
    There’s maths everywhere in the book – like how many degrees in a triangle? Why is it so?

    Rating: 4

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