Charlie and the Great Class Elevator
Roald Dahl, Faith Jaques,
Children's stories
5th November 2017

Mr. Willy Wonka might be a genius with chocolate, but Charlie and his family don't trust his flying skills one bit. And right now, he's at the helm of a giant glass elevator that's picking up speed and hurtling through space with Charlie and the entire Bucket family stuck inside! Roald Dahl's uproarious sequel to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is certain to delight and entertain a new generation of readers. "From the Hardcover edition."

Rating: 4

2 thoughts on “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

  1. Great place for learning on the West Tamar – you would expect to find lots of books here.
    Good story to find out what happens to Charlie after the Chocolate Factory.
    Lots of maths – how many people would fit in the elevator? How many people can fit in a lift? What is the greatest number of people that can fit in a lift? Why do some lifts limit the number of people and not the weight of people?

    Rating: 4
  2. Good place to go if you actually wanted to build a great glass elevator!
    Good story by one of my favourite authors and nice to know what happens to Charlie after the Chocolate Factory.
    I think you could work out how long it took to travel into space and compare that with how long it took Neil Armstrong to travel to the moon.

    Rating: 4

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