Who's That Ghoulfriend? Book Cover Who's That Ghoulfriend?
Gitty Daneshvari
Best friends
Orbit Books

The three ghoulfriends - Robecca Steam, Venus McFlytrap, and RochelleGoyle - are on the case to solve the mystery of the missing headmistress! First up is investigating the creeperiffic attic on the Monster High campus, where someone appears to have been hiding out amongst the lacy webs. Who is she, and what's her secret? The ghoulfriends soon find out and uncover a much bigger plot that puts the future of the entire student body in danger . . .

Rating: 4

One thought on “Ghoulfriends Who’s that Goulfriend

  1. Where you will find the older students of the school
    This book would appeal mostly to female readers – adventures of a group of girls that are into monsters…
    Haven’t been able to think of any maths – perhaps someone else has a suggestion?

    Rating: 4

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