Unbearable! Book Cover Unbearable!
Paul Jennings
December 2017

Where can you run when you're covered in toenails? Could smelly feet really put you to sleep? Why did Gary go to school with his head in a birdcage? How do you recover your opal when a goat has swallowed it? What was Splinter's job before he was born? You'll never guess. And you'll have to wait till the last page of each story to find out.

Rating: 5

One thought on “Unbearable!

  1. Near where you would find a lot of teachers…
    I love Paul Jennings stories. I particularly liked the smelly socks story – once you start reading you won’t be able to stop.
    There’s a story about a turtle laying eggs – how many eggs does the average turtle lay? How many hatch? How many survive? What would the ratio be?

    Rating: 5

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