Paul Jenning's Spookiest Stories Book Cover Paul Jenning's Spookiest Stories
Paul Jennings
Penguin Group Australia
26th December 2017 by Admin/Exeter Primary School

The Paul Jennings phenomenon began with the publication of Unreal! in 1985 and, eight million books later, readers all around the world continue to devour his stories. This special edition anthology boasts twenty of Paul's spookiest, fun-filled yarns, hand picked by the author for a spine-tingling reading experience.

Rating: 4

One thought on “Paul Jennings’ Spookiest Stories

  1. Where you would find some Mexican salsa perhaps?
    A selection of the spookiest stories from the other Paul Jennings’ books. I particularly liked the Skeleton on the Dunny and the Naked Ghost. The stories are more funny than scary.
    In the story, Birdscrap, Gemma says that I’ve told you a million times … how big is a million? How long would it take you to count to a million?

    Rating: 4

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