Stories for Six Year Olds Book Cover Stories for Six Year Olds
Linsay Knight
Children's stories, Australian
Random House Australia

Kids that boast, mysterious missing pets, an old duppy with eyes of red flame, a werewolf knight who loses his clothes, a very naughty mother who's a spy, giants, bandits and a nasty goblin, a magic quilt, a sleeping princess and racing cockroaches . . , you'll find all these in STORIES FOR 6 YEAR OLDS. And you'll find some of your favourite authors too. Start reading and you won't want to stop.

Rating: 3

One thought on “Stories for 6 year olds

  1. Not the main mall in Launceston
    Any 6 year old would relate well to the characters in the book – and also find some unexpected surprises. Good for encouraging children to read aloud to an adult.
    Where’s the maths? In one of the stories, there are some pets kept in boxes in a warehouse. How big would a box need to be to fit a kitten?

    Rating: 3

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