Lily Quench and the Treasure of Mote Ely Book Cover Lily Quench and the Treasure of Mote Ely
Natalie Jane Prior
Hodder Children's Books
28th December 2017 by Exeter PS and admin

Kidnapped and taken back into the past to a crumbling castle in the middle of a creepy marsh, Lily Quench searches for the long lost treasure of Mote Ely - and a way back to her own time.

Locked in a dungeon, attacked by a dragon, and befriended by her eccentric great-great-great-great grandmother, Lily finds that enemies can sometimes be friends - and that old friends can unexpectedly turn into enemies.

Rating: 3

One thought on “Lily Quench and the Treasure of Mote Ely

  1. Where you might enjoy a BBQ by the beach.
    This book would appeal to girls who like fantasy adventure stories. There are lot of book in the series so if you like this one, look out for the other ones.
    Where’s the maths? It says that Lily has a great-great-great-great grandmother – if your great-great-great-great grandmother was alive today, how old would she be?

    Rating: 3

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