Sophie the Sapphire Fairy Book Cover Sophie the Sapphire Fairy
Daisy Meadows
Children's stories
Orchard (NY)
28th December 2017 by Exeter PS and Admin

Disaster has struck Fairyland! Jack Frost has stolen all the jewels from Queen Titania's crown. Without them, the fairies are losing their magical powers. Rachel and Kirsty have to help India the Moonstone Fairy, Scarlett the Garnet Fairy, Emily the Emerald Fairy, Chloe the Topaz Fairy, Amy the Amethyst Fairy, Sophie the Sapphire Fairy, and Lucy the Diamond Fairy to get the jewels back, before it's too late... Sophie's magical sapphire makes wishes come true in Fairyland and the human world! Kirsty and Rachel must help her find it...

Rating: 3

One thought on “Sophie the Sapphire Fairy

  1. You will find this book near the BBQ area near the beach
    It would appeal to young girls who like fairies
    There’s a story map at the front of the book – draw a map showing where you found the book and how it travelled back to your home.

    Rating: 3

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