Where's Wally? Book Cover Where's Wally?
Martin Handford
Literary recreations

In this fun filled book you'll find puzzles, pictures to colour in, a wicked board game, a wacky press-out circus, fantastic Wally stickers, an amazing maze, fabulous flags, tongue-twisters, the trickiest spot-the-difference in history, and for the first time on the printed page ... Wally's girlfriend WILMA! FANTASTIC! WOW!

Rating: 5

One thought on “Where’s Wally? The ultimate fun book

  1. Where you might be able to buy another Wally book, get your shopping done and some keys cut.
    I love Wally books – there are lots of challenges in the book – including finding characters from the other Wally books.
    Where’s the maths? Lots of estimation – how many Walllys on the third page?

    Rating: 5

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