Angela Anaconda Book Cover Angela Anaconda
Joanna Ferrone, Natalie Dallaire,
Anaconda, Angela (Fictitious character)
14/1/2018 by Admin

Another great flexibound storybook from Angela Anaconda and the quirky folk of Tapwater Springs! Angela Anaconda is the hottest children's TV sensation, packed with punch, verve and hilarious storylines.

Join me, Angela Anaconda, as I go head-to-head against by best enemy Nanette 'Ninnie-Poo' Manoir in the four cool and crazy stories inside.

Rating: 5

One thought on “Angela Anaconda No Contest!

  1. Where you might buy some flowers when doing your grocery shopping at Riverside.
    Angela Anaconda is my hero! This book is very funny!
    Where is the maths? When is a minute a long time? When is an hour a short time?

    Rating: 5

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