Joan of Arc and her marching orders Book Cover Joan of Arc and her marching orders
Dead Famous
Phil Robins
12th February 2018

You've probably heard of Joan of Arc... She's dead famous for leading the French army into battle, going up in smoke when she was burnt at the stake and being an absolute saint. But have you heard that Joan was always having to prove she wasn't a witch, and lots of other surprises?

Rating: 4

One thought on “Joan of Arc and her marching orders

  1. In a place where lots of students go to school – you would find it near the library but not in the library
    Has lots of interesting facts in it and easy to read with lots of cartoon pictures and humour.
    Where’s the maths? In 1431 Joan was 19 – what year was she born? What year did she die? How long ago was this?

    Rating: 4

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