Tongue-Tied! Book Cover Tongue-Tied!
Paul Jennings
Children's stories
Puffin Books
6/3/2018 Perth Primary School

Have you ever . . . •swallowed a live fish? Seen bugs in hailstones? Had luminous teeth? Used a smell-detector? Been a ghost?


Then read about kids who have – eight twisted tales to leave you tongue-tied! By the master of madness – The one and only Paul Jennings

Rating: 4

One thought on “Tongue-tied (copy 2)

  1. If you go to Perth Primary School then find the room with the most games hiding within the games shelf 5/6B
    Weird, wacky and very funny!
    Maths: If you have 3 L of water and you want a cup with 250 mL, how much is left?

    Rating: 4

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