Unmentionable! Book Cover Unmentionable!
Paul Jennings
Australian fiction
Viking Adult
7/3/2018 Perth Primary School

"Unmentionable? Sure. But I'll try to tell you anyway. The sludge in that tanker was the stuff of nightmares. My nightmares as it turned out. Some things you just can't talk about. Locked in the loo. Kissing a cold, cold kid. Being a little squirt. Burning your behind."

Rating: 4

One thought on “Unmentionable! (copy 2)

  1. Go to Perth Primary School and you’ll find this book in a stack of chairs in the hall…
    It has very weird and short stories
    Where’s the maths? In the story, The Mouth Organ, there are only about 50 people in the town. How many people are in your town? How do you know?

    Rating: 4

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