The naughtiest girl ls a monitor Book Cover The naughtiest girl ls a monitor
Enid Blyton
Dean and son
14th March 2018 Exeter PS

The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor - more adventures from the Naughtiest Girl in School

Rating: 3

2 thoughts on “The naughtiest girl is a monitor

  1. All aboard the Spirit, find me where your tummy expands.

    I learnt that monitor is the old word for a leader and she was the naughtiest.

    Enid Blyton has written at least 48 books mentioned on the back of this one, how many more can you find?

    Rating: 3
  2. You can find this book at Exeter Primary School – yum yum my tum is full
    This book is a bit old fashioned but if you like Enid Blyton stories you will like this.
    Where’s the maths? Enid Blyton has written lots of books – how many has she written? Which children’s author has written the most books?

    Rating: 3

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