Fairy School Drop-out Book Cover Fairy School Drop-out
Meredith Badger
Dropouts / Juvenile fiction
Hardie Grant Egmont
16th March 2018

A fantastic fairy myth-debunking series from Go Girl author Meredith Badger. Did you know that not all fairies like being fairies? Elly doesn’t just not like being a fairy, she hates it! She hates it more than paper cuts. More than cold baths. More than jam and anchovy sandwiches. What exactly does she hate about it? Everything! The itchy tutu she is meant to wear, the boring spells she is meant to learn. But most of all, she hates flying - it might look like fun, but Elly finds it tiring and not nearly as fun as skateboarding...

Rating: 4

One thought on “Fairy school drop-out

  1. At Exeter Primary School go where you would find very young children
    This book is very entertaining and will change the way you view fairies!
    In the book it says that fairies are about the size of a ten-year-old’s hand. If this is true, how big would the fairy’s hand be?

    Rating: 4

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