South by South East Book Cover South by South East
Anthony Horowitz
Adventure and adventurers

Framed for a jewel robbery, quick-thinking thirteen-year-old Nick Diamond finds himself sharing a prison cell with Johnny Powers, juvenile delinquent and Public Enemy Number One. Suddenly, Nick is Public Enemy Number Two His only chance at breaking out of jail is his older--and much dimmer--brother Tim. He's possibly the world's worst private detective, but Nick has no choice. Can Nick break out of jail, defeat Ma Powers and her gang, recover a stolen vase from an underwater hideout, and defuse a ticking time-bomb all while keeping his older brother from wrecking everything? The heat is on in this explosive Diamond Brother mystery

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  1. If you’re visiting Greens Beach – try looking in the BBQ area
    Anthony Horowitz’s books are always full of adventure.
    In the book, it was raining money – Canadian dollars and English pounds. How much would this be worth in Australian dollars?

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