Step 1:

Register your details at

It is important that you “Allow Geolocation” otherwise you’ll have trouble locating books

Once you’ve sent that off the admin will approve your registration before you can log onto the site and we will send you a confirmation email.   When you set your password it must be at least ten characters and must contain  letters and numbers plus a character eg. Full stop, $ etc. It’s a great idea to write it down. We have to make it complex to stop stinking hackers wrecking our site.

Step 2:

Once you find a book with our logo and instructions inside head over to
‘Found a Book’
This step is just to let us know the book has been found and not lost in the wild.
On to step 3

Step 3:

When you’re ready, have read the book and want to leave it for the next person and or write a review, go to
‘Release a Captured Book’
and search for your book. Enter the name of the book into the serarch bar. You can then log where you’re planting it, either by clicking on the map and clicking through into the book or entering an address and clicking the book there. Note if there are multiple books in an area you may have to zoom in. In the comments area you can leave a review, give it a star rating and you can also reply to other people’s reviews. Be nice 🙂

If you wish to release a new book into the wild  head to
‘Release a NEW Book’
and fill out the form and the location where you plan to release it. We’ll send you the information to place inside the newly released book.

Step 4 Searching for Book locations

If you would like to find books in your area head on over to either  “All releases” to see whats out there or “All Locations” to be able to search for books near you.

Don’t forget to click on the book title which will take you through to the latest clues to it’s location and reviews, comments etc