Which book has travelled the furthest?

To find out how far a book has travelled, you will need to find out which books have been found and re-released. You can do this by doing a search for the book under ‘Books’ – ‘All book locations’. Coraline, for example, was originally released at Greens Beach, Tasmania, and was then re-released at the IGA in Youngtown, Tasmania.

Which book has been found and re-released the most?

To find this out, you can either search by book or use the map to help you. If you click on the book title, you can read the comments made by the readers who found the book – the more comments there are, the more the book has been found and re-released. If you enter the book’s name into ‘All book locations’ then you will see all the locations where that book was released.


Where’s the maths in the books?

Each book description includes a maths question or investigation that relates to the book. For example, ‘Scarlett’s Bat’ is about the game of cricket and the questions are: What would be three different ways you could score 100 in an innings? What would be the fastest way?

For more suggestions on drawing out the maths in the books, please see Where in the books is the maths?

Any other suggestions?

If you have any other ideas how we could explore the mathematics, then please email us at admin@bookcapture.com and we will add them to the site.